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Agrima deep learning based cloud platform offers
respective computer vision,natural language processing and Bigdata analytics,
just an api call away

Visual Recognition

We assist you in locating the products that caught your eye and also recommend suitable products to enhance your shopping experience.

Smart Search

A complex blend of neurological process formats, languages and human behavioural trends to provide an upgraded assistance to users.

Big Data

A vital methodology of filtering out irrelevant data to equip our users with the most befitting results.

Speech Recognition

To enable machine assistance to users through the voice commands provided by them.

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We received 17 patent claims for our Humanoid robot developed using AI methodologies.

  • 2011

    We got 17 provisional patent claims in humanoid robot with artificial intelligence

  • 2012

    Team Agrima started journey with a group of 9 aspiring, enthusiastic and young minds with a special taste in designing, programming and technology.

  • 2013

    We developed 'VIKI' a personal assistant with an amazing knowledge base exclusively for Blackberry

  • 2014

    We designed an automated concept truck for volvo with viki integration which do not require drivers

  • present

    Winners of the GREAT Tech Rocketships initiative 2015 and IBM SMART CAMP winners


R&D Project

About the project

The present invention related to a humanoid robot that can adapt to changing environments by using Virtual Interactive Kinematic Intelligence (VIKI). It can be used to change various aspects of human life by automating a wide array of tasks from being a humble assistant to running complex industrial systems. A robot is a virtual or mechanical artificial agent. In practice, it is usually an electro-mechanical machine which is guided by computer or electronic programming, and is thus able to do tasks on its own. Another common characteristic is that by its appearance or movements, a robot often conveys a sense that it has intent or agency of its own. A humanoid robot is a robot with its overall appearance, based on that of the human body, allowing interaction with made-for-human tools or environments. In general humanoid robots have a torso with a head, two arms and two legs, although some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body Here we are introducing a humanoid robot AGRIMA (Artificially Guided Robot with Intelligent Movements Automated), which have a capability to interact with human through pc. AGRIMA is a wired robot controlled by the software VIKI. The body of robot is made up of aluminium and servo motor used to provide necessary movements. The control signals are passing through RS232C serial connector. Servo controller board with ATMEGA 168 micro controller is used to control each servo motor. VIKI have a robotic navigation module which helps to control the robot. This module also includes speech recognition system which convert the commands of the user to proper control signals so that we can communicate with the robot through voice commands. Along with this module VIKI have a chatbot module also where user can chat with VIKI through keyboard. VIKI interacts with user through voice and by displaying text .VIKI have a good GUI with dynamic password security each user have separate account and privilege to access the robot


The concept of autonomous truck address the scarcity of drivers according to an estimate, over 10% trucks in India fail to start moving. The autonomous truck can be a good solution to this rising problem as this helps drivers in some manners as well as replacethe need for drivers However what make its unique design

Visual Search

On a daily basis we come across products which capture our attention. In the current scenario of 1.8 billion images being uploaded to the internet every single day, it is quite a challenge to sort and navigate across a plethora of images and to hunt down those exact products which interested you. This is where artificial intelligence manifests its capabilities and simplifies things for you in this large and complex network.

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Visual object recognition:

Tapping the potential of visual search we have designed a recipe book application where the ingredients are identified from a snap uploaded by the users of the items they have with them currently. Now, on shaking the phone, the list of recipes which can be prepared using those ingredients are available to the user as opposed to manually typing in all the ingredients and locating the recipes. Visual recommendation comes handy while shopping with e-commerce sites. We use high speed GPU processes for model creation and we have 3000+ trained models in the recipe category alone.

Visual recommendation

See something you love? Grab it or get all the information you need simply by capturing an image of the item and the highly trained search engines will direct you to the product or similar ones. This visual search technique is fast surpassing the conventional techniques which are time consuming and less reliable. All it takes is the user to upload an image of what they are looking for and images similar will be recommended, thereby easing the whole experience of shopping online.

Smart Search

Advanced AI to power a new generation of intelligent voice interfaces

It is a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence, where we are creating an art of self-language understanding process using the techniques of deep learning. Using this technology, the system can understand natural language with a higher degree of accuracy compared to existing platforms. The enormous potential of the various deep learning strategies has enabled us to build algorithms that can ‘see’ the images as opposed to hunt them down via textual matching. This enables us to facilitate as a virtual sales assistant in the e-commerce, telecom and service sectors. Once a search enquiry is made by the user, NLP generates a knowledge graph by extracting the keywords and segregates them on the basis of intent, product type, category, brand, colour etc, and generates matching results. Thus NLP enables users to avoid tedious search procedures and generates accurate results, faster.

Speech Recognition

Advanced AI to power a new generation of intelligent voice interfaces

Speech recognition refers to the ability of a machine or program to process the spoken language, identify the words and convert them to a machine-readable format. The applications include speech-to-text, and and voice search. Processing the input speech, the machine generates a spectrum graph which is further analysed. Our team has brought about a speech recognition system focused on native Indian languages to assist the users from different locales.

Agrima Bigdata Analytics

Advanced AI to power a new generation of intelligent voice interfaces

About the project

Thus it is quintessential that the systems should be trained to sieve and sift the unwanted data so as to predict the most appropriate conclusions and generate the best results. This is where big data analytics techniques come into play. In simple terms, big data analytics is the procedure of analysing and closely examining huge bulks of data to generate patterns, trends and correlations. Once the required data has been filtered out, we can easily and quickly analyse it, thereby saving significant amounts of time. Agrima Bigdata Analytics has unleashed the immense potential of powerful analytics capabilities to be tapped freely by one and all. Automated information planning, predictive analytics, reporting, dashboards, perception and cooperation capacities, renders you capable of handling your own analytics. Access refined and relevant data: Data access, refinement, management and analysis are automated and available from the cloud.

  • Acquire appropriate solutions: Discover quick answers to all your queries relevant to your work field, be it advertising, deals, HR, finance or operations.
  • Fathom all facts related to your business:. Automated intelligence entitles you perceive how things work out and the reasons behind thereby boosting your business morale.
  • Depict a story. Now convey your point, loud and clear, with the visualization effect impact.
  • Muse beyond the ordinary: Measurable analysis, correlations and predictions assist you to foresee what is bound to happen down the lane and gives you the potent to take appropriate remedial measures beforehand.


Personal Assistant
  • VIKI

The application has been named VIKI after the provisionally patented software of AGRIMA. The application acts as a personal assistant to all your needs. All your necessities such as real-time news, weather forecasts, current movies, sports scores, conversions, navigation etc will be served to you within seconds. A sweet voice reply is also embedded in the same. VIKI provides a simplicity in usage and having an outstanding user interface, Voice interface. VIKI does its functions using the voice of the user as input. Hence by using your voice, VIKI is capable of performing following functions. -Send messages and mails, Place calls ,Post on social networks,Schedule meetings, Operate any other applications, Choose a movie, find a restaurant, get updated with the news, weather etc. Altogether VIKI will be a perfect BlackBerry 10 partner and will serve your at most needs.


Research Project

PIXD is a social media to share reviews and it redefine a new way of visualization concepts.
PIXD express the socio status of a personality and reconceptualise social comments to visual.
Tagur address is an opensource project which is going to integrate aadhar api for location based social networks


Winners of the GREAT Tech Rocketships initiative 2015 and IBM SMART CAMP winners

Recognition From Media


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